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Cresus Services - Use and care - Watch Knowledge

Cresus services

  • How can I sell my watch at Cresus?

Simply go to one of our 8 shops in France or Luxembourg with your watches and their original documents and papers if you have them. You can also complete an online resquest to quickly and simply receive a buyback estimate.

  • Your proposal to buy my watch suits me but I don’t live near a Cresus shop. What can I do? 

We are used to receiving our customers’ watches and jewelry through the mail. We recommend you send your item to the Cresus'shop nearest you using a local postal service that provides you with a tracking number. We will contact you as soon as we have received your item.

  • Can I pay in several installments?

Cresus offers you several options for paying in monthly installments, with plans of 5, 10, 20 or 30 months subject to approval of your application by our partner Cetelem. You can also opt to pay in 3 or 4 installments by credit card with no additional fees. Find out more about payment in severall installments.

  • Does Cresus also have shops?

Yes, Cresus has nine shops: in Paris, Lyon (watch and jewelry store + Cresus l’Atelier workshop), Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, Luxembourg, Lille and Bordeaux. Come and visit us at your nearest Cresus shop.

  • I’m looking for a watch but I can’t find it on your site. How can I get a hold of it?

New watches come in to our shops and onto our website every day. If you can’t find your watch today, there is a chance that we might receive it tomorrow. To be quickly informed when an item does come in, we suggest you complete an alert form .

  • How do I reserve a watch?

To reserve a watch, you need to make a down payment. You can do this online using your bankcard in just a few clicks. The down payment must be 20% of the total price of the item. Your watch is reserved for you for 2 weeks, giving you the time to finish paying using the method of payment of your choice.

  • What types of delivery do you offer?

We offer:

- Home delivery using secure local postal services. The type of service and insurance coverage varies depending on the total amount of your purchase.
- Pickup of your item at the Cresus shop of your choice.
For more information, visit our page dedicated to Cresus shipping options.

  • How much is shipping & handling?

Shipping & handling fees are as follows:

- €20 for orders under €1,000 in mainland France
- €60 for orders over €1,000 as well as shipping throughout Europe
- €120 for shipping elsewhere around the world. Shipping of all accessories is free of charge.

  • Can I order online and pick up my order at a shop?
You can indeed place your order on the website and ask to pick up your item at the Cresus shop of your choice. If your item is already at the boutique you have chosen, you can pick up your item one hour after you have received your order confirmation. If you request a transfer to another Cresus shop, your item will be available within 2 weeks.

  • If I reserve my watch online and when I see it at the shop it no longer suits me, can I cancel my reservation?
A reservation is not a final commitment. If you change your mind about the model you have reserved, we propose to transfer your reservation onto another model, to place the amount of the deposit onto your customer account or to refund you the amount of your down payment.

  • Following an online order how can I send you back my watch or jewelry item?

You have 2 weeks starting from the date you received the item to return it to us and request an exchange for another product or a refund. Product returns are free of charge.
To exchange your item or obtain a refund, send us all of the items shipped to you, i.e. the watch, jewelry item or accessory, case, documents, warranty and any other goodies, as well as a copy of your receipt and your return shipping form (available in your My Account section.) For more information, visit our Returns and Exchanges page.

      • What are the differences between the Cresus, Garantie + and Manufacturer’s warranties?
These three warranties cover any manufacturing flaws existing when the watch is delivered and the various malfunctions that may occur, i.e. if your watch stops, slows down or needs frequent winding, etc. The Cresus warranty is a one-year parts and labor warranty that comes with every watch Cresus sells. The Garantie + warranty is a one-year extended warranty that you can take out when you purchase your watch, with a manufacture warranty lower then 2 years. Finally, the Manufacturer’s Warranty is the warranty provided by the watch brand that covers your watch for 2 to 5 years. If a pre-owned watch is still under its Manufacturer’s Warranty, you can be sure it is a newer model!

  • What is a “Premium” watch?

At Cresus, “Premium” is used for watches that are less than a year old, in either “mint” or “excellent” condition, that are still covered by the original Manufacturer’s Warranty and still have their original presentation case and documents. This range of watches can be easily identified thanks to the “Premium” label on the photo of each watch.

  • How can I have my watch repaired?
Cresus has a watch repair workshop in which 5 master watchmakers work to check all of the watches that come in to Cresus as well as to troubleshoot and repair your watches. Give us a call at +33 (0)4 78 92 97 97 or send us an e-mail at for any information you might need! More information on Cresus’ watch repair workshop in Lyon .

  • I didn’t buy my watch at Cresus - can I ask you to repair it anyway?

Yes, our Lyon's workshop repairs all watches, even those that were not bought at a Cresus shop, as long as they are made by top-name luxury watch manufacturers.

  • Is it possible to have a piece of jewelry resized?

It is possible to resize a ring to fit your finger. However, this is possible only if the brand name of the ring is not in the middle of the band, in order to protect it. For any additional information or to make your request for a particular model, call us at +33 (0)4 72 32 20 00 or send us an e-mail at

  • Why are you asking me for my wrist size?

We take the utmost care in preparing your order. We offer to adjust your watch to your wrist size so that you can wear it as soon as you receive it. To measure your wrist size, go to “Personal information” in the “My Account” area of the Cresus website.

  • How can the authenticity of a watch be guaranteed?

We take great care when authenticating watches so that we can offer them to you with peace of mind. Authenticating a watch involves checking the watch’s case and movement and ensuring that they match each other. It also involves a check of all peripheral items, references and serial numbers on the case and movement. This verification process helps to date production of the timepiece and confirm its authenticity.
Our buyers are experienced professionals who can guarantee the authenticity and traceability of all our watches and provide you with a receipt for every purchase.

  • How can I be informed of what new watches are coming into Cresus?

If you are looking for a specific model, we suggest you complete the alert form. As soon as the item - or a similar one - comes into the shop or onto the Internet site, we will inform you by e-mail. You can also bookmark the Cresus website in your browser or sign up for our newsletter.

  • Where do the pre-owned watches sold on come from?

We guarantee the traceability of all our watches, which mainly come from individuals who sell us their timepiece. We carefully select the most beautiful models from top-name brands. Most of our watches are made by prestigious Swiss manufacturers.

Use and care

  • What particular care does a mechanical watch need?

Manual-winding or automatic mechanical watches are fragile objects that we recommend you clean and have serviced regularly so that you can enjoy them as long as possible. In addition to reading the instruction manual specific to each brand and model, there are several recommendations to follow. These include avoiding extreme temperature changes, not doing any sports while wearing your timepiece, avoiding any risk of bumps, knocks or impacts, knowing how the settings work and keeping an eye on the watch’s water resistance.

As well, your watch should be fully examined by a professional every 5 years or so.

  • How can I find out how water-resistant my watch is?

Watch manufacturers specify this information in the watch’s documentation and sometimes even on its case. To find out more about what these levels of water resistance actually mean and thus adapt your timepiece to your various activities, we recommend you read our page dedicated to watch water resistance.

  • How do I clean my watch?  

To clean your watch, you need to take into account its water resistance and remove the band, which also needs to be cleaned.  Based on the level of water resistance, you can use either a soft cloth or soapy water, but never any chemical products. Visit our special “Cleaning your watch” page for more information.

  • How long does a leather watchband last?

Leather is a delicate living material that can be damaged or change color if exposed to sunlight, high humidity or cosmetic products. A leather bracelet must be changed around every year on average.


Watch knowledge

  • What is the difference between a manual-winding movement and an automatic movement?

Today’s mechanical watches can be wound in two different ways: manually or automatically. The automatic movement is already an old invention, but it was first used on a wide scale with the advent of the wristwatch. Thanks to this type of mechanism, the barrel mainspring can be wound while the watch is being worn thanks to the movement of the wrist. A manual-winding movement has to be wound by hand, using the winding crown on the right side of the watch case.

  • When and how do I wind my watch?

For a manual-winding mechanical watch: wind the watch manually by turning the winding crown until it locks.
For an automatic watch, turn your winding crown around 20 times to have a minimum amount of energy to start it up. The movement will recharge by itself thanks to the movement of your wrist. In order not to upset the date-change process, do not change the time on your watch between 9:00 pm and 3:00 am.

  • What is the difference between a chronometer and a chronograph?

The chronograph is a watch that shows the hour, minute and second and also features a chronograph complication. The chronograph measures time elapsed using a central chronograph hand that counts the seconds. This time can also be totaled in the small counters on the dial. The word “chronometer” designates a high-precision watch that has obtained official COSC certification by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.

  • What is a watch complication?

A complication is any function that a watch performs other than indicating the hour, minute and second. Some of these functions are quite common, such as the date, large date, chronograph, moon phase, second time zone and power reserve. Others, such as the tourbillon, perpetual calendar and minute repeater are more rare. 

  • What is a ‘calibre’?

Originally a synonym of "dimension" in describing a watch movement, the calibre now designates the movement itself. Followed by a series of numbers and letters, the calibre gives the shape of the movement, its origin, the name of the manufacturer, its reference number and other information. Some brands produce their calibres in-house, called "manufacturer’s calibres". However, many of today’s watches are built with ETA calibres (generic, mass-produced calibres that are very reliable).

  • What is a ‘power reserve’?

This is a complication that enables the watch’s remaining power to be displayed.  The power reserve can be displayed on the dial in hours or days.


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