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Cresus offers a selection of cases, boxes and cases, indispensable allies for keeping jewelry and luxury watches in perfect condition, whether at home or while traveling.
See 38 boxes

Beware of white gold

A noble metal that is particularly trendy, white gold used in watches and jewelry is particularly susceptible to oxidation. This metal, known as rhodium-plated (like silver), will also develop a patina over time if it contains a layer of rhodium. Regular maintenance of white gold, possibly rhodium plating in a workshop, is necessary to preserve its shine.
Beware of white gold

Watches and magnetism

Even if most luxury watches have an anti-magnetic protection, two precautions are always better than one. It is therefore recommended not to leave your watch for several hours next to a magnetic source, otherwise it may become unbalanced: loudspeakers, cell phones, magnetic clasps, electric razors, etc.
Watches and magnetism



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Effectively protecting your luxury jewelry and watches

Buying a piece of jewelry or a luxury watch is almost a contract of trust with your item, committing to maintain it and store it in an appropriate place. Whether it is a diamond ring, a diving watch or a smooth gold necklace, it can indeed quickly get damaged, shocked, scratched, tarnished with time or by coming into contact with substances such as chemicals or cosmetics. What about, again, non-waterproof leather bracelets that would be subjected to moisture? Stains are guaranteed and they will need to be changed quickly. Even the most precious of stones, the diamond is not safe. It is certainly unbreakable, but it can lose its brilliance, or even scratch - be careful not to wear two stone jewelry on the same finger. To preserve jewelry and watches, it is essential to give them dedicated storage space, away from light, air, dust and humidity. This applies of course for the night - a golden rule is not to sleep with your jewelry because there are risks of deformation - but just as much as soon as they are not worn. Owning a jewelry box or/and watch box proves especially important for a watch collector or a great jewelry enthusiast.

Cases and cases for all circumstances

For someone with an impressive collection of luxury watches as well as for a young woman who was just given an engagement ring, for a world traveler or jewelry fan, or even for a jewelry queen who travels a lot, Cresus has a solution. The high-end watch cases are specially designed to store the most precious timepieces and ensure their maximum protection. Let's remember that putting your Rolex, Omega or Breitling watch on a bedside table at night is taking risks. The same goes for jewelry boxes, where the interior is protected by a soft fabric and in which there are ring rolls for rings, necklace holders, holes for earrings and compartments for other jewelry. Companies specializing in the design of this type of accessory, like Wolf 1834 or Dardel for France, have logically imagined nomadic solutions allow you to take your watches and jewelry with you everywhere. jewelry wallets, transport marmots or individual watch cases are thus offered by Cresus, as well as motorized escorts. Specifically dedicated to self-winding mechanical watches, these rotating winders - also called winders or watch winders - keep them running. Any disruption of the movement is thus avoided, the life of automatic watches is extended. "