With their military and maritime inspirations, Panerai watches today remain legends in the world of watchmaking. Buying a second-hand Panerai watch is like wearing a little piece of history - not just any history as Panerai, which has been around since 1860, has played a role in major events such as the First World War. Lire la suite
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A pronounced DNA

Giovanni Panerai founded Panerai in 1860 when he opened his first workshop store in Florence. Initially a manufacturer of measuring tools, the factory became the official supplier to the Italian Royal Navy in the early 20th century. In 1916, the patent for the Radiomir was registered. Specially designed to meet the requirements of the army, the prototypes appeared in 1936 before production began in 1938. The special feature of the Radiomir is the radium powder that makes the indexes self-luminous. Panerai's creations, the fruit of collaborations with the army, were kept secret until 1993.

Must-have models

Panerai is renowned for designing robust and reliable military diving watches. As early as 1950, the Luminor came to dethrone the Radiomir with its luminescent substance that was far less dangerous than radium. The current Panerai collection still offers these two emblematic models whose variations delight the brand's fans. The submersible watch, a true survival instrument with a familiar Panerai design, has also been added.