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In search of the perfect pre-owned watch

Dreaming of affording a luxury watch usually means having a brand, and within it a model, in mind. Like a collector looking for that rare pearl or missing watch, a buyer - or a buyer - often knows that he or she prefers a quartz movement or a mechanical movement, a black, gray, blue or other color dial, a leather strap or a steel bracelet... A women's Hermes watch will inevitably incorporate the codes of the House, which attracts in the first place. But then... There are collections that are now only available on the second-hand market, like Hermès Sellier, and those that are still in the catalog, like the Arceau collection, square cases and round cases, in different sizes and with changing materials. A collection such as the Heure H, with its case forming the initial of the famous brand, alone totals some 50 models still on the market - not counting the old ones. This is to explain how important it is, when looking for a pre-owned luxury watch of a specific model, to stay on the lookout for New from Cresus. And even more so, when the model in question is a limited edition, produced in 500 or 1000 pieces, or even much less.

A luxury watch, a brand, a series, a model

Such an approach is even more justified with highly technical men's watches. The legendary Rolex Submariner dive watch alone has gone through 21 versions since its inception in 1955, with the last one featuring eight recent models and variations like the current Submariner Date, in gold or steel. In this wide range, lovers of vintage watches will be looking more for the 5512 or 5513 series (five models each), marketed between 1959 and 1978 for the former, 1978 and 1990 for the latter. Let's take the Tag Heuer Formula 1 again as an example, one of the top-of-the-line reference watches for all lovers of Formula 1 - and motorsport more generally. Born in 1985, it of course has its own style, elements that characterize it: its bezel with notches, its luminescent indexes, its Arabic numerals in XL format. But what about the interior? Under the 41 mm or 43 mm case, can just as much nestle a chronograph as an automatic movement, when it is not a quartz watch. The type of watch is one of the first factors of choice for lovers of luxury timepieces, even for those who operate on "coup de coeur", who do not have a predefined model in mind. When you know that some pre-owned watches are sold as soon as they are presented, "watching" the new Cresus models can be particularly interesting. Moreover, it is even possible to directly create an alert on a particular brand and model. Just so you don't see the watch of your dreams passing under your nose!