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Cresus' special offers make luxury even more accessible, with iconic jewelry from top brands at exceptional prices. Gold and diamonds are no longer just a dream. Lire la suite
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Luxury jewelry at incredible prices

Cresus' special offers are a unique chance to acquire luxury jewelry, from the greatest jewelry Houses, at prices one would not have dreamed of. The jewelry in this selection nevertheless retains impeccable quality, they have been subject to extensive expertise and cleaning. All the pieces presented are visible in one of the five Cresus boutiques. These "bargains" are therefore unique opportunities. They make jewelry and luxury accessible. A Dinh Van ring in white gold for less than €600, Cartier double C for less than €900, a Nudo sautoir by Pomellato in white and rose gold, diamond, mother-of-pearl and topaz for less than €4,000... So many chances to grab! The second hand jewelry Cresus represent not only the greatest brands of French and international jewelry, but also iconic collections, which have written the history of jewelry. Moreover, the price is not always the reference. A Fred's Force 10 bracelet is bound to be an iconic piece of jewelry, yet it is more than reasonably priced. A unisex bracelet and above all the signature of a French jewelry House founded in 1936, Force 10 is one of those jewels with a singular history destined to become cult. It was when Fred Samuel saw his son braiding ropes during a vacation in Brittany in the mid-1960s that he had the idea of tying the marine cables together, combining steel and gold, and closing the set with rivets and a snap hook. The sailor's bracelet has been around the world, becoming a collection, it is still relevant today and one of the timeless pieces of French luxury.

The white diamond, a luxury finally accessible

The history of Force 10 is just one example, as the history of jewelry is so strewn with iconic pieces. To wear such a bracelet, however, is to have a bit of French heritage on your wrist. In the same way that wearing a piece of Boucheron jewelry-another example-is to take a piece of Place Vendôme with you. This statement is all the more true with the iconic Quatre collection, which features four of the jeweler's iconic motifs: the godron, invented in 1889, Clou de Paris, the grosgrain and... a line of diamonds, which cannot be ignored. Everyone will indeed be able to see it, the white diamond is omnipresent in luxury jewelry. Isn't the art of jewelry the art of working with precious stones? No major brand would dare, moreover, to present a catalog without diamonds. The stones used in jewelry are natural and pure, generally colorless - but brands have also taken up brown and black diamonds. Each diamond placed or hand-set on a piece of jewelry is evaluated according to the 4C classification: its weight in Carat, its Color, its Clarity (Clarity in English) and its Cut - brilliant, princess, oval, pear, cushion... Each jewel becomes the ambassador of a know-how, whatever the brand, the type, the style. And it is precisely, with the noble materials used, what makes it a luxury jewel. "