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The Omega Speedmaster is undoubtedly one of the most famous watches in the world. Its story begins in the 1960s when NASA was looking for a wristwatch that would be able to withstand the challenging conditions of space travel such as vibrations, accelerations, pressure, temperature variations and humidity. Lire la suite
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Omega Speedmaster, made for the automobile, elected for the space conquest

The history of the Speedmaster takes a radical turn in 1964, when NASA wants to have a wrist chronograph capable of withstanding space conditions. This Omega resists all the tests: extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, accelerations, humidity... It is then animated by the caliber 321 which dazzles for its performances and its precision. That's not all: triple sealed, the Speedmaster is waterproof to a depth of 60 meters and has antimagnetic properties: a masterpiece of robustness elected among the greatest watch brands. Although the Speedmaster's consecration took place on July 21, 1969 on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin, it participated in many space adventures before setting foot on the Moon. The first flight of the CK2998 Speedmaster model was on the wrist of Walter Schirra in 1962 as part of the Mercury Atlas 8 mission. The Speedmaster also accompanied the first spacewalk in history on the Gemini 4 mission and was awarded the Silver Snoopy Award for being of critical importance to the Appolo 13 mission.

Many variations, a legendary model

Since its inception the model has evolved into many variations without losing the attributes that make up its essence. The Speedmaster Profesionnal inaugurates the 864 movement in 1968 but the model equipped with the 863 caliber is particularly noticed for its more luxurious finishes (equipped with a transparent back). Since 1997, the caliber 1861 has powered the model that most closely resembles the 1957 original. But the most iconic watch of this range seems to be the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional with a 42mm case. It stands out with its black bezel equipped with a tachymetry scale, its three original counters, but has opted for Super Luminova hands that replace the classic Tritium. "