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The Rolex GMT-Master II is a specially designed timepiece for globetrotters. Since 1955, this watch has been a faithful companion to those who like to live life on the edge, whether they're crossing oceans or living life at the speed of light. Lire la suite
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GMT-Master II
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A timepiece created for the skies

The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master was born in 1955 upon the initiative of Pan American World Airways, known as PanAm. At a time when transcontinental flights were booming, pilots wanted a watch that would enable them to read the time in two time zones. Rolex proposed the GMT, the abbreviation for Greenwich Mean Time. The watch went on to become the official chronometer of the American airline company. The Oyster's legendary status was well and truly sealed in the 1960s when the pilots of the famous Concorde broke the sound barrier while wearing Rolex GMT-Masters on their wrists.

An unusual look for such a legendary watch

The very first GMT-Master, model 6542, unveiled - in addition to the new double time reading function - a new look. Its two-toned graduated disc - blue and red - earned it the nickname of GMT Pepsi. just as the 2013 black and blue model would earn it the name Batman. This watch was first made of plexiglass, changed to anodised aluminium in 1959 and finally coated in ceramic in 2005. However, it was the 1675 model that would turn the GMT Master into such an icon. In 1982, the GMT-Master II 16760 was born. This new name was chosen to distinguish calibre 3085 from the old 1036. This brand new movement opened up new horizons, as it was now possible to read three time zones without the second hand being stopped in its tracks. The GMT-Master has continually been reinvented, both aesthetically and technically, making this cosmopolitan watch a faithful companion to all travellers.