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With its multicoloured stones mounted on a gold band and bezel, Nudo has become Pomellato's cult ring. The collection, launched in 2001, now offers multiple designs, with new gems and new colours across great variety in necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Lire la suite
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Nudo, birth of a cult ring

To say that in 2001 the Nudo ring revolutionized the jewelry world is an understatement. Pomellato's creativity and audacity then quite simply reinvented the solitaire! Nudo is indeed a colored solitaire on a sleek pink or white gold setting, a collection constantly expanded with new colors, new stones. In Italian "nudo" means "naked", naked in this case as the stone set on its ring, as the design of the ring - although it has been enriched with diamond pavings for example. The size of the stones distinguish the Nudo Classic, Nudo Maxi and Nudo Petit series. These distinctions, beyond the color of the ring, allow each woman to make "mix and match", to adapt Nudo to their own style, in a classic or more rock spirit, sober or extravagant. This, too, is one of the great strengths of this model.

Gold and colored stones, an ever-expanding collection

The color is the soul of the Nudo ring, the facets of the stones its spirit. White or London blue topaz, amethyst, lemon or smoky quartz, garnet all give their dimension to Nudo rings, mounted on 18K white or pink gold. Some colors are moreover emblematic, like the green of prasiolite, a Brazilian stone cut by the expert hands of artisans Pomellato, in Milan. Over the years, constantly renewed, the Nudo collection has been enriched with new lines. White diamonds have made an appearance on the frame for a decidedly chic look. Nudo Deep Blue was inspired by the Mediterranean for a series of deep blue rings, with some models set with lapis lazuli or turquoise. With Nudo Pink, the Italian House celebrates rose quartz and chalcedony. More recently, three colored gemstones with a frosted finish have come to make up the Nudo Frozen line. In it, light blue topaz "frozen" thanks to a cutting-edge technique is paired with mother-of-pearl and turquoise, white topaz with mother-of-pearl, lemon quartz with chrysoprase.

Rings, but also necklaces and earrings

From each stone is thus born a style, and this is especially the case for Nudo Obsidian. The 18-karat rose gold and titanium ring here wears obsidian, a rock born of cooling volcanic lava, with a natural vitreous luster and iridescence born of tiny bubbles and inclusions that reflect and refract light. To complete the very contemporary look, the ring is set around the stone with 58 black diamonds treated. Nudo Obsidian comes in different ring sizes, but also as a necklace. Indeed, Nudo is no longer just rings, but also pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, with their naked stones or queens of models complemented by diamond pavé. Iconic jewelry of the House Pomellato, to be worn like talismans.