Founded in 1967 by Pino Rabolini, Pomellato remains today a unique brand in the world of jewellery with its avant-garde and colourful designs featuring both precious and semi-precious stones. Furthermore, the brand is also a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and excellence. Lire la suite
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Pomellato, a new jewelry crafted by ancestral know-how

"A line of different jewelry, to live and wear": with this intention, Pino Rabolini launched Pomellato in 1967. We are in Milan, the Italian city is known for its jewelry tradition and for its fashion industry. Pino Rabolini himself came from a family of goldsmiths who worked for the great jewelers. But his ambition is quite different from the straitjacket of fine jewelry and pieces that are only brought out for special occasions: the designer invents the ready-to-wear jewelry, which can be changed at any time of the day. Pino Rabolini brings luxury jewelry, and especially colored stones, to the street through joyful and colorful collections, original shapes, materials worked exclusively by the expert hand of artisans. Pomellato's founder does not hesitate to bring together the best artisans in his workshops, which today remains a trademark of the House. All jewelry crafts gather under the same roof - today there are about 100 artisans. The setter armed with his magnifying glass spends 30 hours on the paving of the 57 diamonds in the Sabbia ring. Each of the 12,000 Nudo rings and 15,000 Capri rings produced annually are handcrafted, Pomellato still invents, with Caramelle the custom ring, the piece, for which each woman chooses her center stone in the boutique. This is Pomellato's master asset, that of emotion. A Caramelle ring purchased today on the second-hand luxury jewelry market tells a story: why did its first owner succumb to the unique reflections of tourmaline rather than fire opal, opt for a white gold and diamond setting rather than burnished gold?

An identity, photographers, international development

Its strong and distinctive identity ensures the almost immediate success of Pomellato. The House is quickly recognized as the specialist in colored semi-precious stone jewelry. It also established itself in the universe of the chain. The collections then take the names Lola, Sherazade or even Duna. Another stroke of genius of Pino Rabolini is undoubtedly his sense of communication. From 1971, he chose to entrust his advertising campaigns to renowned photographers: Gian Paolo Barbieri, Helmut Newton, Horst P. Horst, Javier Valhonrat, among others, will take turns immortalizing Pomellato creations. Until 2001, Pomellato was distinguished by its choice of black and white photography. The Milanese company won the hearts of women in Italy, Europe and around the world. When Pino Rabolini decided to hand over the reins in 1995, Francesco Minoli took over the reins of the House and ensured its international development, with the opening of boutiques in major capitals, Paris first and foremost, but also Madrid, London, Moscow, and cities such as New York or Singapore. At the same time, Pomellato launched a second brand, Dodo, characterized - at the time - by its small lucky charms.

Designers in the shadow of the Pomellato brand

"At Pomellato, creativity has always been more important than the value of the stones," said Francesco Minoli. Our jewelry is first and foremost an accessory. This bias cuts us off from a whole section of the traditional jewelry clientele, but it also makes all our difference." This difference is first and foremost the result of the creativity of Pomellato's artistic directors. It is to them that we owe the Veleno pendants with their imposing poison drop-shaped stones, the Capri line, with its reversible rock crystal and turquoise ornaments, but also the iconic collections that are Iconica, Ama or Nudo. They are actually only two. Since the 80s, Sergio Silvestris has worked in the shadow of Pino Rabolini, chosen for his talent and for his non-conformist spirit. It is to him that we owe in particular one of the iconic pieces of the House, the teddy bear pendant. But also the Nudo ring, a colorful solitaire on a sleek ring that will strongly help the House conquer the world, and the first Pom-Pom collection. Launched in 2007, on the occasion of the House's 40th anniversary, it transposes the Pomellato style into high-end jewelry, with 40 unique pieces. Vincenzo Castaldo has succeeded Sergio Silvestris as head of Pomellato creations. A former Dolce & Gabbana employee, he maintains the spirit of the House, that "different approach to jewelry. We are closer to fashion in the sense that our taste for innovation and the unexpected is expressed in an avant-garde language. From the multicolored waterfalls of the Tango collection to the colorful Ritratto rings and pendants, a collection that pays homage to the earth with its gems worked and carved by hand into a rectangular shape, Pomellato continues to break precious and semi-precious stones out of their straitjackets. Malachite, tiger's eye, topaz, lapis lazuli, rhodonite, amethyst or even red jasper can be worn day or night, worked into shapes like no other, on gold frames that will inevitably highlight them.