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Pomellato earrings reflect the character of the Italian House and its jewelry-making know-how with varied, asymmetrical models that highlight colored gems and white, black, brown or Icy diamonds. From the earring chip to the creole and the pendant earring, the House's collections are available in many shapes. Lire la suite
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Colored stones in earring collections

Wearing earrings adorned with colored stones faceted to fully reveal their brilliance or in cabochon versions is undoubtedly a sign of belonging to the "Pomellato club". The most famous are part of the Nudo collection, born from the eponymous ring - cult jewel of the Italian House. But Pomellato also offers another collection that celebrates the stone, M'Ama Non M'Ama, with lines inspired by Byzantine art. With Nudo, the earrings perfectly match the chic personality of the iconic ring, echoing the principle of the bare stone worn by a white gold bezel when the jewelry is in 18-karat rose gold. Of course, we find the extraordinary colors of the stones in the Nudo ring, from blue, London blue or white topaz to amethyst, prasiolite, pink, smoky or lemon quartz. The Nudo earrings are sometimes embellished with a pavement of white diamonds, which offers the jewel a novel design. The diamond, precisely, comes to illuminate the M'Ama Non M'Ama collection, circling the colored stones, rhodolite garnet, peridot, adularia, etc., on the creole and ear chip models. We are here in the feeling jewel Pomellato version, as each stone expresses an emotion. Even more original variations exist, with black diamond or icy diamond pavings - a Pomellato specificity -, turquoise or blue sapphire. The stone in all its splendor, in short.

The play of asymmetry, the great tradition of goldsmithing

These plays of colored stones and diamonds, like rose gold/white gold mixtures, can be found on earrings from another iconic Pomellato collection, Iconica, with certainly original lines. Diamonds and stones come to rest in gold, adopting round, square or star shapes, sometimes with eight different gems on a single earring or pendant. Iconica is a collection born to celebrate the tradition of goldsmithing of the Milanese House. Each creation is born under the roof of Casa Pomellato where a hundred artisans work on a daily basis. In fact, all collections Pomellato highlight this expertise, starting with Catene with its tubular buckles with an oval line featuring a border of diamonds, pink sapphires or blue sapphires on the outside and a second in polished pink gold, or with its pendants with bold links, whose pavement offers a subtle gradation : in blues with aquamarines, tanzanites and blue sapphires, in pinks with purple sapphires, pink spinels and rubies. Ritratto, its rectangular stones and their diamond-set rose gold claws, Nuvola and its asymmetrical design - the emblematic embodiment of the Pomellato signature -, as well as Bahia and its irregular pastel-colored drop stones are all collections that testify to the excellence of Italian artisans in gold and stone work. They also embody the boldness of the House of Pomellato. The most exuberant earrings, however, are certain Sabbia models. Among them, the pendulum earrings with their circles paved with black, brown and white diamonds, or the models marrying with diamonds the Tahitian pearl.