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Cresus offers new items in its pre-owned luxury jewelry on a daily basis. Staying on the lookout is the best way to avoid missing out on an iconic piece, or the ring, bracelet or necklace of your dreams. Lire la suite
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Cresus novelties, luxury jewelry you can't pass up

There are legendary jewelry impossible to let go without having regrets. Of these jewels that have written the history of jewelry, are witnesses to the great hours of the prestigious Houses, have seduced the whole world. Some are the perfect embodiment of French elegance, others remind that Italy also one is country of luxury and fashion ... Timeless are some of the most sought after pre-owned luxury jewelry. It would be a shame to miss them! Examples are numerous... A collection like Liens de Chaumet or Love de Cartier tells the story of love, between gold and diamonds: "the link is that thread that unites those who love each other and brings their destiny closer". The House of Chaumet decided to embody love through an open ring connected by a gold buckle, then by a rounded cross motif. With Love, Cartier celebrates love through an icon of jewelry design by Aldo Cipullo: in 1969, he imagined a unisex bracelet that opens and closes with a dedicated screwdriver, adorned with screws reminiscent of a bustling New York City. These two examples show how differently jewelers can illustrate the same emotion: on the one hand a traditional feeling jewel, on the other the icon of a sleek, avant-garde style. They are also a reminder that a legendary ring or bracelet, that a brand-specific motif, comes in collections that evolve over time.

Iconic jewelry, favorite versions

Hence, one of the great interests of second-hand jewelry: unearthing the version you like best, but which is no longer marketed because the collection has been updated. To take Love's case again, the current versions come in 18-karat gold, yellow, rose or white bracelets, whose screws may be set with diamonds. Women may, however, like colored stones more and a version adorned with sapphires, garnets and amethysts. At Dior, the Diorette collection, where each ring is a flower garden inspired by Christian Dior's in Milly-la-Forêt, regularly renews the colors of the hand-lacquered elements around a fine stone. The current trend is towards aquamarine and soft colors, in a very contemporary style. But we can just as easily prefer a ring where it is the amethyst that is enthroned in the heart of the jewel garden. So it is with tastes and colors, but also with the intention when looking for a second hand luxury jewel: to be charmed and opt for a favorite, to look for a specific model of a particular brand, to desire a type of jewel (bracelet, ring, necklace or earrings), to focus on a style or on materials. A white gold and diamond ring, a rose gold bracelet, dangling earrings, creoles or chips, an engagement solitaire or a wedding band... The criteria for choice are multiple. But one thing is certain, the jewelry that is destined for us triggers such an emotion that we can't imagine for a second letting it go.