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A jewelry case, in the form of a box or case equipped with rollers, compartments and necklace holders is essential to keep your luxury jewelry in perfect condition. Lire la suite
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Boxes and cases essential for protecting your jewelry

Keeping your luxury jewelry for as long as possible means, of course, not scratching or damaging it, but also making sure it retains all its shine. This will not be the case if they are exposed to dust or moisture. The best way to avoid this kind of inconvenience is therefore to look after your jewelry by storing it away from light, in a box or a dedicated case. In fact, it's important to choose a suitable storage for jewelry, especially because gold or silver rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings should neither overlap nor touch. For this reason, jewelry cases contain ring rollers and compartments to keep the pieces separate. In addition, the interior is usually lined with soft materials to prevent scratching. The time is also ripe for innovation in this field. A company like the American Wolf 1834 has gone so far as to design LusterLoctm, a process by which the fabric of the lining of a jewelry box absorbs the gases responsible for their tarnishing. The company guarantees that under such storage conditions, jewelry will retain its full brilliance for 35 years. Changing lifestyles and more frequent travel have additionally led jewelry box makers to imagine containers that can be carried anywhere, so they don't have to part with their favorite jewelry or have it "sleep outside." Cases and jewelry wallets equipped with holes for earrings, a ring roll, compartments and necklace holders now make it possible to take jewelry with you safely. For accessories, and especially for your pre-owned luxury jewelry, Cresus has chosen the company of choice.

A company that specializes in luxury jewelry boxes

Just as there are historic watch manufacturers or jewelers that have been around for centuries, there is one company that has specialized in protective boxes for luxury jewelry and watches since the early 19th century: Wolf 1834, based in Los Angeles, USA. "It makes sense to protect your possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a quality case." Philip Wolf, the father-founder, knew what he was talking about, he was a goldsmith by trade and had noticed that his creations sold much better when presented in beautiful boxes. No jeweler has ever denied this! The family business has flourished, adapting to the needs of different eras, until today it offers complete lines of watch boxes, watch winders for automatic movements, jewel cases and cases, all the way to display trays for luxury boutiques. Wolf 1834 is certainly synonymous with elegance and quality, but also with unparalleled efficiency in protecting watches and jewelry. For this reason, it is Cresus' reference brand in this field.