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Force 10 is undoubtedly the emblematic bracelet of the Fred jewelry house. It is available in countless versions, based on the marine cable and the ring called manila. A must-have among luxury bracelets, for women and men alike. Lire la suite
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Force 10, a story of men and the sea

Force 10 is first and foremost a story of paternal love, from Fred Samuel for his eldest son, and passion, for the sea and sailing. It is then the creation of an iconic bracelet among the most famous in the luxury universe. It is still a nearly infinite combination of cables, snap hooks and shackles, a bridge at last between accessible jewelry and high jewelry. The story of Force 10 begins in 1966. When he braided ropes using the Corderie Royale method, the son of the famous Parisian jeweler probably had no idea he was about to give birth to a timeless bracelet, one of those pieces that have endured through the ages without losing an ounce of modernity. The family spends all its summers in Perros-Guirec, Brittany. Henri Samuel had the idea of braiding marine cables, fixing them with rivets and adding a gold snap hook, thus composing a bracelet that he offered to his wife. A daring and innovative jeweler, Fred Samuel then imagined a novel combination of steel and gold to create the Force 10 bracelet, considered by many to be the first sports jewelry. The bracelet is both precious and casual, bright and modern, its name refers to the power of the wind element. The modernity and androgynous style of Force 10 contribute to the immediate success of the jewelry, which has never been denied.

A reinvented collection, multiple combinations

"Those who wear Force 10 envision life as an adventure to be led with style and panache". This definition of the collection now applies to both women and men. Over the years, Force 10 has indeed been enriched with colors, materials, precious stones, to the point of composing infinite combinations. The multicolored rope (about fifty shades are available), the steel cable or the gold and diamond bracelet marry white, yellow or pink gold 750/1000e shackles. These can still be paved with white and/or black diamonds, semi-precious stones. Imagine a white gold buckle closing an indigo blue cord bracelet set with 7 rubies, 8 spessartite garnets, 10 yellow sapphires, 10 tsavorites, 10 aquamarines, 10 blue sapphires and 7 amethysts. Or a rose gold and white ceramic shackle paved with 14 brilliant-cut white diamonds associated with a white cord. These are just two examples, especially since one of the particularities of the Force 10 collection is the interchangeability of the pieces: each and every one adopts the bracelet that looks like him or her. Fred's signature bracelet, Force 10 is now available in series of rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings in white, pink or yellow gold, paved or not with diamonds. Collections constantly reinterpreted around the codes of the marine cable and manila, breathing the wind of the open sea and freedom, the energy and luminosity of the Argentine landscapes that saw the birth of Fred Samuel.