Water resistance of your watch

Water resistance of your watch

It is imperative, when you buy your luxury watch, to know its limits well, and to choose it according to your needs and uses.

The waterproofing table of your watches

The waterproofing table of your watches

By Cresus watchmakers

From experience, we advise you to be cautious about the waterproofing recommended by the brands themselves. We have therefore designed this waterproofing table so that you have no doubt about the possibilities of your watch.


Always check that your winding crown is properly pushed in and screwed down before swimming.

Do not make any adjustments underwater (manipulating the chronograph pusher, the crown, etc.)

If you see steam forming under the crystal, take your watch to a workshop as soon as possible to have it removed and the water-resistance of the watch restored.

Do not consider the indicated water-resistance as definitive: a vintage watch, for example, does not have the same qualities as when it was first issued. 

Have the water-resistance of your watch checked every year: the watchmaker's workshop will check, among other things, the condition of the gaskets, which are constantly in use and subject to natural wear. They can replace them if necessary.

Rinse your waterproof watch thoroughly after swimming in sea water to preserve the gaskets that could be eaten away by salt.

Never open the case of your watch yourself.