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The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a watch designed for those who dare to venture beyond the frontiers of the deep sea. Lire la suite
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The Sea-Dweller: an ally to help keep track of time under the ocean

The Sea-Dweller has everything to keep professionals happy. Equipped with a helium valve, a technology patented by Rolex, this Oyster is able meets divers' every need. It even provides the safe release of helium during decompression stops while safeguarding the incomparable water-resistance of the case. Despite its resemblance to the Submariner, the Sea-Dweller can be recognised by its reinforced case backing, which makes it thicker. It also sits higher on the wrist and weighs more.

Innovations to help explore seabeds

In 1989, this Rolex Sea Dweller was replaced by the more contemporary Sea Dweller 16600 model which combined Rolex's know-how with new innovations such as the titanium valve on the left side of the Oyster case with a micro-beaded surface, the Triplock crown with 5 joints, the Oyster 93160 bracelet made of ultra corrosion resistant stainless steel and with an extension in the buckle, providing greater comfort and more adaptability during dives. Other notable features on this Rolex Sea Dweller include the Submariner dial style, superluminova coated hands and the classic pointer for excellent readability, a unidirectional rotating bezel with aluminium insert, a calibre 3135, a 50-hour power reserve... and incomparable style!