Luxury jewelry for women is distinguished by its noble materials, its precious and/or fine stones, its style, and the emotion it brings. Each ring, each necklace, each bracelet or each pair of earrings tells a story, the story of the great jewelry house where it was created and manufactured. Lire la suite
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Luxury jewelry, jewelry and fine jewelry

When jewelry was originally defined as the art of creating jewelry adorned with precious stones, the business is now expanded to include the use of noble metals: a jeweler's piece of jewelry can be "simply" made of gold, platinum and titanium. Luxury jewelry often adds the notion of unique or very limited creations. Yet we also know that some creations among the collections of jewelry Houses are bestsellers, for example iconic rings such as Cartier's Trinity (sold more than one million pieces), Mauboussin's Chance of Love, Chaumet's Liens, Boucheron's Quatre or Pomellato's Nudo. A luxury jewelry is a designer jewelry made of noble and precious materials, luxury jewelry incorporates the dimension of know-how and the meticulous work of craftsmen to make the jewelry. Each Pi disc at Dinh Van is hand hammered, making each pendant a unique piece. But in general, the idea of unique jewelry, with thousands of hours of work in the workshops to make and set the stones, using sophisticated techniques, refers to the world of ultimate luxury, that of high jewelry. For the great Houses of Place Vendôme and elsewhere, fine jewelry is akin to a showcase. Luxury jewelry presented as jewelry is worn on a daily basis. It is distinguished from both costume jewelry, which is industrially produced and designed in non-noble materials, and artisanal jewelry, although it is also a creative jewelry.

An emotional and historical connection in luxury jewelry

While it is tricky, as we can see, to precisely define the boundaries between high jewelry, jewelry and artisanal jewelry, the difference is quite clear with fancy jewelry as it has largely developed since the 1950s. The emotional dimension also comes into play - and largely so -: a luxury jewel makes you dream, it embodies elegance, timelessness, it tells a story. In the end it is also, recognizable among all. Iconic motifs such as the Menottes Dinh Van, the Alhambra clover of Van Cleef & Arpels, the Clou of Cartier or the T of Tiffany and co - to give just these examples - are identified at first glance. An indefectible link unites a jewelry House with its jewelry, through an ancient and strong history that of Hermès' Dog Necklace, Boucheron's Bohemian Serpent, Gabrielle Chanel's Camellia, or through a singular design. It's easy to imagine Valérie Messika designing Move, Caroline Scheufele the Happy Diamonds for Chopard or Aldo Cipullo being inspired by the work in New York City to create Juste un clou for Cartier. The jewelry houses themselves tell their stories through their collections. One of the most readable in this regard is undoubtedly Bulgari. Many of the creations of the Roman House founded in 1884 are inspired by the architecture of the Eternal City.

The big brands and authenticity of pre-owned luxury jewelry

Bulgari by the way, like New York's Tiffany and Co or Switzerland's Chopard, remind us that jewelry is an art without borders, even if, without being overly chauvinistic, French-style elegance has never been equaled. The heart of luxury jewelry still beats in Place Vendôme, and the brands cited around the world are often named Cartier, Boucheron, Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermès, Piaget or Chaumet. Not forgetting Fred, Dinh Van and other Messika. All these great names, and many more, are gathered at Cresus. By opening the doors to second-hand luxury jewelry, Cresus invites every woman to create a style of her own, or to treat herself to the ring, bracelet or necklace she has always dreamed of. It is an Ali Baba's cave of more than 400 jewels signed by the greatest jewelers that opens, with as many treasures constantly renewed, at prices much more accessible than new jewelry. The second-hand jewel is a jewel that has written a story in history, and invites you to create the next one. It has another great advantage: it is possible to find pieces of jewelry that are no longer marketed today, but yet still make you dream. Visible in boutiques in Paris, Lyon, Lille Bordeaux or Aix-en-Provence, the jewelry is all, without exception, examined and authenticated by Cresus experts. Each element, metals, precious or fine stones, hallmarks, has been studied to present the best of the second-hand luxury jewelry. A real guarantee for the buyers!