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Motorized watch cases, or Watch Winders, have a very special function: they allow the movements of automatic watches to continue to function when the timepieces are not being worn. Lire la suite
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The watch winder, a motorized case for automatic watches

"Producing a watch winder is more complicated than most people think. It involves assembling hundreds of components to achieve a product that is both beautiful and efficient. We combine leather work with the mastery of electronics. Simon Wolf represents the 5th generation of the California-based company that bears his name, specializing in watch cases and in particular motorized cases. But what exactly are we talking about? A mechanical watch with automatic winding does not recharge when not worn - hence the importance of the power reserve at the time of purchase. Left on a bedside table, or even in a classic watch case, it stops after a while. Its owner can no longer find it on time and the complications are out of phase. In the long run, this can even shorten the life of the watch, regardless of its quality. The watch winder - in other words, the watch winder also known as a watch turner - is a kind of winder with its mass that rotates around an axis for a given time. The watch remains in operation. The explanation here is simplified, but the new watchwinders are actually concentrates of technology, just as automatic watches have evolved and come with ever more complications. This type of watch accessory is also proving interesting for collectors who certainly won't be wearing two or three automatic watches at the same time so they don't run down. Manufacturers are precisely offering motorized cases capable of holding several watches, up to... 32 pieces! They refer to this as a watch cabinet.

Some players in the watch winder market

Manufacturers of watch winders, precisely, are still few and far between. The major watch brands can offer them to their customers privately, but these winders, for whom want quality are mainly produced by the Californian company Wolf, the Italian Scatola del Tempo, the German Buben & Zorweg and the Swiss SwissKubik. The latter, by the way, uses the term rotating case to describe its products, which combine craftsmanship and high technology. Each of the brand's cases is a 10 cm square cube, with a classic or designer look, in which the winder - which runs on batteries or mains power depending on the model - makes 1600 rotations daily (800 in each direction). The frequency corresponds to that of the majority of automatic watches, but owners also have the option of modifying the cadences. As for the timepiece, installed on its stand secured by a locking system, it automatically repositions itself vertically when the winder is paused. The Wolf motorized cases work in the same way, with a slightly wider range and with functions such as pre-programming on some models. Others can even be controlled via an app! It remains to choose, also, the winder according to its exterior look.