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In 1976, Jean Dinh Van created the famous Dinh Van Handcuffs which have been the true icons of the brand ever since. Lire la suite
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Dinh Van, disruptive jeweler

After learning the craft of artisan jewelry making at the prestigious Maison Cartier, Dinh Van opened his boutique. Thanks to his passion for metal and a very personal vision of luxury and beauty, he designs and creates all kinds of original jewelry for men and women. For this, he diverts everyday objects with talent, to transform them into luxury pieces.

Dinh Van handcuffs, symbol of love

The many Dinh Van creations, like the famous Dinh Van Handcuffs are rebellious and express with simplicity and sensuality, the bonds of love and friendship that exist between two loved ones. Original and modern, these handcuffs are the must-have jewels to dress women and men, lovers of beautiful jewelry. Many variations of handcuffs exist: beautiful gold rings, pretty bracelets on cords, beautiful pearl and diamond necklaces and gold earrings. Dinh Van handcuffs are made for all tastes and for all desires.