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The watch straps sublimate the timepiece and the person who wears it. In leather, steel, rubber, gold or textile, they play with elegance, technicality, sporty or more casual look. Lire la suite
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The right strap for her luxury watch

The strap is an integral part of a watch's personality identity, even more so if it is a high-end watch. Yet changing the strap of one's watch is not an uncommon thing. It can be damaged, worn, stained, scratched, etc., unless you simply want to personalize your watch with a case/strap combination like no other. How then to properly choose your watch strap? The first requirement is indeed to adapt the style and material of the strap to the type of watch. Globally, a classic watch will harmonize with a beautiful leather strap - which is also often the case for a vintage watch - when a sporty model will go with a steel or rubber strap, all the more so, for the latter material, if it is a diving watch. Other types of bracelets have also proved their worth, the textile bracelets, but it is rarer to find them on luxury watches. Unless, of course, it's a Nato strap on a sporty chic or adventurous looking watch. In this overview, let's not forget the jewelry watches, the bracelets are often gold. Whether it is a question of elegance or functionality, it is easy to understand the choice of material. Rubber, for example, is a must on a diving watch, obviously for its sporty look, but especially for its flexibility and water resistance. The steel bracelet - or even platinum or titanium - imposes itself on watches with character, establishing a continuity with the case of the timepiece, which allows in particular to highlight the dial and certain elements of the watch.

A wide range of choices and ever-improving straps

Once the material of his watch strap is chosen, obviously with a suitable buckle, it is only the beginning of the road. When rubbers are becoming more and more technical and resistant, the term leather strap actually covers a multitude of leathers, from the most common (calf, cow, buffalo...) to the rarest (caiman, ostrich, python...), each one radically changing the look and structure of the strap, from the thinnest and smoothest form to embossed leathers. The tanning and finishing also produce different effects, not to mention the coloring. As you can see, the choice is (very) vast. Coming straight from the military world and having widely seduced lovers of sporty chic watches, the Nato bracelet itself comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Some of the most reputable manufacturers plebiscite it for certain models. In fact, wasn't it on a Rolex Submariner and on the wrist of a certain James Bond that it made its first major public appearance? At the same time resistant to all conditions, secure with its two fixing bars and of course fashionable, it corresponds perfectly to the expectations of the adventurers of the cities. In terms of watch straps, however, the major brands and specialized manufacturers have not finished surprising us. There are now combined leather/rubber straps, which combine elegance, technicality and comfort, just as we are starting to find leather Nato straps on the market."