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Nato bracelets Bracelets and watch buckles

See 2 nato bracelets
The Nato bracelet, a must-have to radically change the style of your watch according to the seasons and your desires.
See 2 nato bracelets

A British order

The Nato bracelet was born in 1973 from the desire of the British Ministry of Defense to equip itself with ultra resistant bracelets
A British order

Strict specifications

The Nato bracelet meets high standards: woven nylon designed from a single piece, a one-piece buckle, 20 mm wide against 280 mm long...
Strict specifications



Bracelet and Buckle
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About Nato bracelets

A military bracelet

Initiated by the British Ministry of Defense, the Nato bracelet comes to solve the problems encountered by the military: the humidity that eats away at leather bracelets, the lack of security regarding the reflections of steel bracelets and their potential loss...The Nato bracelets adorned the wrists of the Royal Navy.

The democratization of the Nato bracelet

The Nato bracelet soon made its way into civilian life, becoming an essential for changing the look of one's watch with confidence. The Nato "regimental" bracelets come in a multitude of colors and stripes conferring an infinite number of combinations and aesthetic possibilities.