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The House of FRED has crafted many models of earrings, from studs to drop-downs in gold, diamonds and even fine stones. The jeweller's skill and expertise is captured in these dazzling pieces of jewellery, and their character and design have helped this Place Vendôme jewellers to earn its reputation. Lire la suite
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Iconic designs in earring versions

With Fred, the manila of the legendary Force 10 bracelet becomes precious earrings, all gold and diamonds for absolute elegance, sometimes adorned with fine stones. A white gold ear pendant paved with 14 diamonds, for example, ends with a shackle (which serves as a clasp on the bracelets) set with 58 blue sapphires. Likewise the Infinite Chance collection, where this flattened 8 sign of infinity is worn like a precious talisman, in earrings, round earrings or long earrings. The models range from the discreet chip in white or pink gold 750/1000e and brilliant-cut diamonds, to the Crazy 8 counterpart, where the pink gold and diamond chain ends in a pear-cut rubellite. Several models in this collection combine fine stones with gold and diamonds, adding color to the jewelry, the blue of turquoise or the red of ruby. Force 10 or Infinite Luck, another common point unites these two Fred collections: interchangeability. The chip thus transforms into a pendant as desired thanks to the separate sale of accessory chains.

Stones, pearls and always the light

Fred Samuel, the founder of the Parisian House, nurtured a passion for stones from his childhood spent in Argentina, where his father was a gemstone trader. After opening his first boutique in 1936, French jewelry also owes the introduction of cultured pearls to the daring designer. This love of stones and pearls, of color and light, can be seen in the Fred earrings. In a flamboyant series, with asymmetrical shapes, Belles Rives thus combines white diamonds with green chrysoprases and blue topaz, or rhodrocrosites and pink quartz, or pale green prasiolites and deep blue lapis lazuli. As for the Baie des Anges earrings, they feature pearls in a more baroque spirit. But how can we talk about Fred jewelry without mentioning another iconic collection, one that symbolizes eternal love, Pretty Woman. The great romantics will undoubtedly appreciate finding on their earrings the famous heart-cut ruby surrounded by diamonds offered by Richard Gere and worn by Julia Roberts in the cult film. It is again available in various forms of earrings in white gold, diamonds and rubellite. Recently, Fred's Pretty Woman collection has been enriched with more graphic designs by the founder's granddaughter and current deputy artistic director, Valerie Samuel. In the aesthetic of the heart within the heart, the diamond is nestled in its pink or white gold case. These earrings are also a testament, if any were needed, that Fred jewelry is jewelry in perpetual motion, but always in search of light and sparkle. The earrings Une île d'or, with their graphic scales in yellow gold and diamond are another demonstration of this, so much so that they seem to call for the sun's rays.