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Finely balancing tradition and innovation, elegance and timelessness, Hermès rings and wedding bands both respect and reinvent what the House's represents. The rings are available in silver, rose or white gold, and can be set with or without diamonds. Lire la suite
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Rings reminiscent of the traditions of the House of Hermès

The mythical Kelly clasp, the timeless Chaîne d'ancre, the iconic Collier de chien are among the iconic jewelry of the Maison Hermès declined in the form of rings. Each model is a tribute to the origins, history and know-how of the House, evolves its codes and emblems in modern versions. How can we forget, when wearing an Osmose or Réponse ring, in 925/1000 silver, that its shape, although revisited, even radicalized, dates back to 1938? It was in fact that year that Robert Dumas, son-in-law of Emile Hermès, had the idea of creating jewelry inspired by anchor chains while looking at boats moored in a Norman port. The Dog Collar motif is even older, as the first bracelet imagined from the collars worn by hounds, with its four domed studs and ring, was born in 1927. A century later, Hermès still makes luxurious rings from them.

Sources of inspiration for very current models

Of course, the models have evolved, such as this "ball ring" Chaine d'ancre enchaine. But whether they are named Nausicaa, Attelage or Amazone, the Hermes silver rings tirelessly recall the brand's universes, take up the tradition of a chic and sporty look. Designer Pierre Hardy went even further by imagining Galop, a ring representing a stylized horse, in homage to the House founder's profession of saddlery harness maker. In fact, even the ring designs that reference mythology, Ariadne or Herakles, also find inspiration in traditional Hermès themes. A collection nicely named Gambade also enjoys traveling among the symbols of the House, from the letter H to the stick ring, via the saddle nail. It is nonetheless very contemporary in its design, its play of shapes and volumes. Because at Hermès, respect for origins is certainly not synonymous with nostalgia. Proof of this is a stunning double ring in rose gold and diamond, where the bit is adorned with light chains and fine curves.

Rose gold and white gold, to sublimate the models

When Hermès artisans work with pink or white gold, when setters place diamonds or black spinels on their settings, the ring becomes a piece of jewelry of ultimate elegance. The Hermes jewelry enters another dimension. Romantics feel it even more with the Kelly and Kelly Clochette models, which directly reference Princess Grace of Monaco. And while we're on the subject of love, let's not forget that Hermès rings are also meticulously crafted alliances, which reinvent the models and adorn their names with the word "Ever" ("Toujours"). In white or pink gold, set with diamonds or not, Hermès wedding rings are a promise of eternity.