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Skipper bracelets and necklaces feature the iconic Hermès motifs of the boat chain link and ring clasp. Paired with leather or silk cord, they become highly sought-after pieces of unisex jewellery. Lire la suite
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Skipper, jewelry with a chic and sporty allure

Hermès has always been characterized by the chic and sporty allure of its creations, whether it be ready-to-wear collections, leather goods and of course jewelry. This characteristic is part of the brand's DNA, its history linked to the equestrian world. The Hermes House has always evolved with its time, that of horse-drawn carriages when it was founded in 1837, that of the development of sports prized by the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, horseback riding or golf. Then came the time of the sea bathing fashion, at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, the popularization of seaside resorts, and a little later the craze for yachting. The famous Hermès silk squares, which appeared in 1937, tell this story and immortalize these worlds. Hermès jewelry also remains intimately linked to these eras and their fashions. The Skipper necklaces and bracelets thus make direct reference to the world of the sea, of sailing, of yachting.

Anchor Chain inspired bracelets and necklaces

The Skipper jewelry actually takes up motifs and codes that are well known at Hermès, not to say iconic, those of the Anchor Chain. So they find their inspiration in the history of the House, in this case in the fascination of Robert Dumas, son-in-law of Emile Hermès, for boat mooring chains. The year was 1938. During a stay in Normandy, the head of the House of Hermès had drawn in a notebook a bracelet using the links and rings of these chains, giving birth to a cult jewel reinvented many times since. The Skipper necklaces and bracelets take these motifs and become a modernized version, demonstrating that luxury is also found in simplicity: a cord, a link, a ring clasp crossed with its baguette. But as always with Hermès, it's not just any cord or link. Skipper jewelry cords, in single or double turns, are made of high-quality natural leather, usually Swift calf, or braided silk. They come in a variety of colors, including the famous Hermes orange, and it's always possible to change them in-store. Links and clasps come in solid silver or gold-plated versions, all of course hallmarked. Another special feature of this jewelry line is that both necklaces and bracelets are unisex. They adorn the wrists and necks of both men and women who feel like answering the call of the sea.