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Ralf Tech watches are references in what is called "technical" or "tek" diving, requiring more specific equipment than recreational diving. Lire la suite
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Conquering the Deep

As early as 2003, Franck Huyghe develops a watch made to withstand the pressure of great depths: the WR1 is designed to accompany the diver and explorer Pascal Bernabé in his world records, hence its name: World Record 1. It is in 2005 that the record is beaten, a WR1 on the wrist: Ralf Tech watches are now sold in stores specializing in diving. In 2008, the company turns exclusively to watchmaking for professionals and works in collaboration with them: from 2010, Ralf Tech begins to equip the units of the French special forces.

Ralf Tech: quality and know-how

RALF TECH automatic movements and automatic chronographs are original ETA or SEIKO movements or modified in-house. Due to the significant size of their watches, it was essential to modify the structure and mass of the rotors to compensate for the inertia generated by the weight of the cases. RALF TECH has equipped itself with powerful tools to optimize the creation and manufacture of "handmade" bracelets for all the models in their collections. This is what allows them today to produce high quality bracelets in the French Jura region that are in line with their cases.