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Trilobe offers a new way to capture the passage of time: the rigid hands disappear to make way for three rotating rings.
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About Trilobe

Needles down, magic up

Created in December 2018 by Gautier Massonneau assisted by Jean-François Mojon, the Trilobe brand has quickly established itself thanks to its philosophy. The name Trilobe, which refers to the ornamental motif, reveals a deep attraction to architecture and aesthetic research. Indeed, it is a bias of the brand: to make the hands disappear in favor of circles darting in and out of time, a new reading of the time, more intuitive and poetic.

The Trilobe watches

Trilobe offers three original collections. The Secret proposes to immortalize a moment on the dial of your watch by inscribing a map of the sky: the alignment of the stars at the moment of your choice, an "open sky secret". The Les Matinaux collection pays tribute to the poet René Char in a number of sunny color variations. Finally, the Nuit Fantastique collection, elegant and distinguished, offers a different design from its counterparts.