The Dior VIII watch collection takes its name from Paris' 8th arrondissement, where the House of Dior was founded. These exceptional, luminous pieces with automatic movement are set with round diamonds. The Clair de Lune and Montaigne Tissage Précieux models will especially appeal to lovers of fine design and the traditions of horology. Lire la suite
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Dior VIII, the story of a fetish number and a tribute to Christian Dior/h2>
The first Dior watch creations date back to 1975: Dior was then one of the first haute-couture Houses to venture into the world of luxury watches. In the following years, the famous brand set up a specialized watch design structure in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry. The VIII watch is the result of this exceptional know-how. The model was created in 2011 to pay tribute to Christian Dior. The VIII is indeed a mischievous wink to the fetish number of the founder of the House who, throughout his life, crossed his personal history: the 8, as the 8th of October 1946, date of creation of the House, as the name of his first collection called "En huit", but also as the 8th arrondissement of Paris and the 8 place Vendôme, showcase of his collections. A number that appears, moreover, alone, on the watch face in Roman character.

A luxury watch at the border of fashion accessory and timepiece

The Dior VIII watch is being presented to the general public for the first time in Basel and like the Dior collections, the model is intended to be feminine, graphic and timeless. The Dior VIII collection has the particularity of offering women's watches in ceramic. Their bewitching colors that only ceramic can offer, highlights the timeless character of the object, timelessness so dear to Christian Dior during his lifetime. The ultra-thin case, very pure, reinforces the elegance of the lines, as does the bracelet, which consists of small pyramids shaped in ceramic or stainless steel. An aesthetic that, according to experts, refers to the silhouette of the Bar suit, an iconic piece from the House of Dior. Since its launch, this wonderful watch has been available in several models, in series or in limited edition. Technically, the Dior VIII watch is also a jewel of precision that will delight all lovers of prestigious timepieces.