The Hamilton watch brand was created in 1892 in Lancaster, USA. Its very origins are marked by a great patriotic fervour, and the company has always been keen to assert its patriotism, especially through the style of its watches. Lire la suite
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From a military background...

During its first years of existence, Hamilton was strongly involved in the economic and technological development of its country and launched into the creation of pocket watches, very quickly considered as "the watch accuracy of the railroad"; they indeed allow a better coordination between trains and stations and thus limit the number of accidents. In 1914, Hamilton became the official supplier of the American armed forces and sold them numerous watch straps: the brand gained even more prestige and patriotic fervor. In 1930, Hamilton went even further and became the official watch brand for major airlines such as Eastern Air Lines. During World War II, Hamilton watches were no longer distributed to civilians as the brand focused on its role as a supplier to the U.S. Army, to whom it sent approximately one million chronographs.

...Has artistic appearances

In 1957, in a deeply innovative spirit, Hamilton released the world's first electric watch with such recognizable shapes: the Ventura, a revolutionary technology in a revolutionary design. In 1961 this Hamilton watch was worn by the great Elvis Presley in the film Blue Hawaii. It was a total success and the company's reputation grew. Five years later, Stanley Kubrick himself approached the brand to create unique watches for his futuristic film: 2001: A Space Odyssey. In 1970 Hamilton produced the first digital watch with LED display called Pulsar. Four years after this new innovation, the brand was sold and became the property of SSIH, the former name of the Swatch Group. The 1980s marked a return to more classic forms, a return to the watches of the 1920s to 1960s. In the 90's, the passion for the cinema continues and Hamilton watches appear in top movies in the box offices such as Men In Black, L'arme fatale, Fight Club, Independence Day, The Talented Mr. Replay, You Have a Message, Big Fish... Today Hamilton continues its commitment to the exciting fields of film and aviation by leading new innovations, partnerships, being a timekeeper for aviation events, developing these activities and encouraging the younger generation by creating awards and associations for film enthusiasts.