Hermès' history starts in 1837 with the manufacture of saddles and harnesses. At the beginning of the 20th century, the company founded their prestigious saddlery division and started designing bags to store saddles. Lire la suite
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The watchmaking adventure

A master harness maker and saddler since 1837, Thierry Hermès achieved fame in the world of horseback riding before expanding his business to leather goods. In 1928, the first Hermès timepieces were marketed and the company established a lasting presence in the watchmaking world. The Ermeto watch, developed by the Movado factory, has a leather casing signed Hermès. The manufacture produces many collaborations with the biggest brands and it is in 1978 that the Hermès watchmaking is born, giving birth to exceptional models.

A backwards philosophy

Hermès delivers timepieces with an atypical design, imbued with the equestrian spirit that carries the manufacture. The Arceau collection thus evokes the world of saddlery, but we can also mention the Galop d'Hermès collection or the Dressage watch. The inspirations of Hermès remain multiple and we can distinguish many original aesthetics: the Kelly, the Cape Cod, the Faubourg, the Heure H ... The philosophy of Hermès revolves around a desire: to own its time freely. Thus, some models counter-intuitively propose to suspend time by pressing a pusher, to serenely reconnect to the absolute.