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Georges Mauboussin, from apprentice to Legion of Honor

Going back into Mauboussin's past, we discover that it is not the first name of this House. It was created in 1827 by a certain Rocher. A few years later, his successor, Jean-Baptiste Noury, decided to rename the company with his own name. Under his leadership, the company began to distinguish itself from its competitors. In 1878, it even won a bronze medal at the Paris World Fair. However, it was Jean-Baptiste Noury's nephew, Georges Mauboussin, who brought the brand international success. Georges started as an apprentice in his uncle's jewelry workshop and took over the reins in 1883. The House of Mauboussin was born. One of the first decisions of the new director was to move closer to the Parisian business centers. He chose a building large enough to accommodate his workshops but also sales and exhibition rooms. Mauboussin then organized numerous gemstone exhibitions. This allowed him to quickly obtain a worldwide reputation and a brand image. It is thanks to this success that Georges Mauboussin is decorated with the Legion of Honor, he even becomes advisor of the foreign trade of France for two mandates thanks to his formidable business sense.

Mauboussin, above all a House of jewelry

There are several Mauboussin watch collections to discover such as the So Urgent or the Le Temps ne s'arrête jamais. But Mauboussin is above all exceptional jewelry for two centuries: the House always bets on elegance and refinement rather than eccentricity. Its emblematic star adorns the A la croisée des étoiles, Étoilement divine, Étoiles divines, and many other collections. It is possible to discover many collections of rings, necklaces and bracelets, all more poetic and sublime: You are the salt of my life, Capsule of emotions, You are my river of love ...