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Poiray's pearlized heart rings have become a Place Vendôme classic, especially when worn as wedding rings. Made of 18-carat gold, the hearts in strings are available in lacquer or enamel colors to suit all styles and desires. Lire la suite
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Pearl hearts, between wedding ring and trendy ring

At Poiray, the Cœurs Perlés ring has been a favorite of wedding ceremonies, since it is worn as a wedding band, or simply of romantics. Now one of the luxury jewelry highly sought after on the second-hand market, it has lost none of its seductiveness. The enfilade hearts of this 18-karat gold - or 750/1000th - ring are enhanced with lacquer, pink there, red here, sometimes in black or white enamel. The jewel is also shown "naked", all yellow or pink gold, for a more sober, always elegant wear. Cœurs Perlés, as we said, is a wedding ring to put on the finger of the chosen one on the D-day, which beyond its elegance has the advantage of making luxury accessible. The new price of the smooth gold ring did not exceed 900€. It is also, in the same time, a ring of the everyday life which answers easily to a tendency of our time: the stacking, or the accumulation. Wearing two, three or even four Cœurs Perlés rings on the same finger, playing with materials and colors is a possibility offered by this simple-looking jewel. Also on trend, the Place Vendôme House has made Cœur Perlé delicate earrings asymmetrical with one heart on one ear and four on the other. The diamond pave on the white gold version or the touch of color brought by a coral, fuchsia or turquoise blue lacquer on the rose gold and yellow rose gold versions complete the glam-rock feel of these earrings.

The heart, an iconic motif at Poiray

With Cœurs Perlés, Poiray has once again brought to life its iconic motif, the heart. It must be said that the love affair between the House of Place Vendôme and the heart has been going on for over forty years. The latter actually made its appearance in the Poiray jewelry collections in 1993, with Cœur Entrelacé. This iconic collection of the House of Poiray is still relevant today, with ever-modernized versions to celebrate all loves, with models of rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Three intertwined hearts on an 18-karat rose gold ring, a heart set entirely with diamonds that becomes a pendant, white gold and diamond earrings... The collection still appeals to lovers of clean lines. The beloved woman can just as easily be offered a luxury piece of jewelry from the L'Attrape-coeur collection, in which Poiray affirms another facet of its prestigious identity: the use of fine stones in jewelry. For the record, Poiray was indeed the first Maison de la place Vendôme to take advantage of the infinite chromatic palette of these stones in its collections. Combined with the figurative motif of the heart, the fine stones in the L'Attrape-Cœur collection, born in 2017, make the jewelry cheerful and colorful. Poiray goes all out, between pink opal, turquoise and lapis lazuli.