Morganne Bello

The Morganne Bello brand was created in 2004 by the designer who gave it its name. Although she is no longer part of the adventure, the Parisian company retains the spirit of minimalist and ultra-feminine jewelry that highlights the colored stones found around the world. Lire la suite
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Morganne Bello is first and foremost a passion for stones

The brand Morganne Bello bears the name of its creator, and the young woman willingly tells the genesis. At the age of 18, during a trip to Brazil, she heard the phrase that would reveal her vocation: "Your eyes are made for stones". She will then link her destiny to that of fine stones. "From the bowels of the earth, nature revealed its incredible colors to me": Morganne Bello's career began with the discovery of the world, from Brazil to Madagascar and from India to Arizona, at a time when she was negotiating to supply stones to the greatest jewelers, notably those of the Place Vendôme. Morganne Bello masters all the tricks of the trade, knows how to flush out the most beautiful gems, but at the same time admits that she can't find any jewelry that corresponds completely to her. It is thus logical that she launches out in the creation - of fine jewels in fact -, in 2004. She set up her workshop a stone's throw from the Place Vendôme, and the Morganne Bello brand was born. Women owe her the Friandise, Lola or Baby-Boom collections, "so that each stone caresses the skin".

Jewelry that triggers love at first sight

Like the cushion bracelet, her first big hit, Morganne Bello creates jewelry that looks like her, at least the kind she'd like to wear. She designs sober and pure collections, always elegant. Above all, the designer stands out with her loose, mobile stones, presented in their most natural form but cut in such a way as to reveal all their brilliance. Agates, quartz, amethysts, carnelian, onyx, moonstones, turquoise, hematite, pyrites and so many other colored stones come to match 18-karat gold, whether yellow, pink or white. The House is distinguished by the wide range of gems, and their vibrant colors. At Morganne Bello, quartz is blue, smoky, lemon, guava, pink, powder pink or red, agate white, lace blue, red or green. What I like," says the designer in Elle magazine, "is to trigger a woman's love at first sight and not to tell her that she must wear such and such a jewel. The jewelry is presented as a "ready-to-wear jewelry", which "accompany women in their lives, their emotions, their choices". Friandise, Victoria, Aurore or Honoré, the Morganne Bello rings, just like the bracelets, necklaces and earrings are worn at any time, day or night, alone or in accumulation. This is one of the House's special features.

A brand that maintains its spirit and style

Love at first sight... and thunderbolt. In 2011, Morganne Bello left Morganne Bello. The brand remains, but its creator leaves, leaving the House in the hands of financiers who now hold the purse strings and no longer allow her, according to her, to "keep her promise". The company's history becomes more complicated. Behind the shop windows of the Saint-Honoré and Saints-Pères streets, in the pop-ups of Galeries Lafayette, the company bought by Florence Delorme, former operational director of Agnès b., is revising the brand's identity and visual communication, and has ambitions for international deployment. This development is actually materialized by the Christian Bernard group, which buys Morganne Bello in 2014. Ranking among the European leaders in gold and silver jewelry, with labels like Ginette NY, Margiela or Guy Laroche, the group relies on its subsidiaries in New York, Dubai and Hong Kong to distribute Morganne Bello jewelry. At that time, the range was narrowed down to the three lines from the beginning of the adventure, Friandise, Baby-Boom and Lola. Three years later, however, the Christian Bernard Group was placed in receivership. Its future was then written in the context of a merger with Marcel Robbez Masson, the French leader in the manufacture of high-end jewelry. But the Morganne Bello brand is not part of the wedding basket. The colored stone jewelry has actually regained some independence. Morganne Bello SAS is now headed by Marc-Antoine Breuil, who previously officiated in the leather goods sector, at Jamin Puech Paris. But as they were able to do in the bowels of the earth, the stones of the Parisian House's jewelry have made it through these years and these successive takes of power. The Morganne Bello brand retains its charm, minimalist aesthetic and timeless chic. Cushion and shamrock cuts remain the queens of the collections, which have notably been enhanced by the Victoria and Honoré lines since 2017. "We want colored stones to illuminate everyday life with a happy, sensual and fascinating shine. The Morganne Bello style is sleek, joyful, very feminine".