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The Joaillerie by Cresus collection makes luxury even more accessible with a range of new gold and diamond jewelry of timeless charm and remarkable elegance. Lire la suite
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Luxury goes democratic with Joaillerie by Cresus

Democratizing luxury by offering authenticated pre-owned jewelry is one solution. Cresus has developed another, by designing its own collection. Joaillerie by Cresus is a range of luxury rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings with a classic look and timeless charm. The fact of not affixing a brand to a piece of jewelry, as well as making acquisitions in central purchasing thanks to the strength of the Cresus network, makes it possible to offer new jewelry in the price is 20% lower on average compared to similar models. This, in fact, makes luxury even more accessible. Nevertheless, Cresus new jewelry meets jewelry standards, with models made of gold and diamonds, and sometimes even a diamond that stands on its own. The gold used to make the jewelry, whether white yellow or pink, is 18-karat gold, meaning it is 75% pure gold combined with an alloy of metals. Also called 750/1000 gold, this is the precious metal traditionally used in jewelry. A purer gold, of 24 carats, is indeed too soft. Moreover, the alloy of metals allows to give its color to the gold, naturally yellow. With 25% silver the gold becomes white, a little more gray if palladium is used. As for the pink color, particularly fashionable, it is brought by copper.

Gold, diamond and sapphire jewelry

Joaillerie by Cresus jewelry also obeys traditional techniques in its making, and especially for the setting of diamonds. The claw setting, as it typically appears on solitaires, is the most popular and gives the jewelry a timeless look. Cresus offers 4-prong settings, which secure the diamond. The near absence of metal around the gemstone has a happy consequence, it reveals all its brilliance and reflects more light. This type of setting is chosen for necklaces, and of course white gold solitaires, as well as accompanied solitaires, where the ring is partially paved on each side of the diamond. The paving also adorns rings, bracelets rushes, necklaces barrette grains ... But Cresus does not see life exclusively in white. The collection of new jewelry also makes the most of colored stones. Blue and pink sapphires, another gemstone, along with ruby and emerald, are thus featured in a series of extremely elegant rings. They are accompanied by diamonds. A third stone has seduced the Cresus jewelers: tourmaline. Its blue/green reflections stand out in a white gold and diamond ring, with cushion and pear cut stones.