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Patek Philippe's Aquanaut watch collection follows the footsteps of the Nautilus range, with a number of innovations such as the tropical bracelet, which is both waterproof and UV resistant. The Aquanaut watch is available in steel or rose gold, with the most luxurious models set with diamonds. Lire la suite
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Aquanaut Patek Philippe: a legendary scuba diving watch

The Aquanaut collection was born in 1997. This luxury watch was then the second sport model developed by the Patek Philippe manufacture. Displaying a more contemporary design than its predecessor, the legendary Nautilus, this model has since become a favorite among dive watch enthusiasts around the world. The sporty aesthetics of the Aquanaut watch were imagined by Gérald Genta, who designed the iconic Nautilus. Both references have the same oversized octagonal case that evokes a ship's porthole. Despite this similarity to the Nautilus, the Aquanaut will form a family of watches in its own right that will in turn challenge the codes of one of the most prestigious watchmaking companies of its time. With its contemporary lines, the Aquanaut will even succeed in modernizing the image of Patek Philippe, a legendary Swiss watchmaker previously renowned for its more traditional style creations.

A design sought after by all lovers of prestigious watches

Upon its release, the Aquanaut was first offered in steel and yellow gold in limited versions. The first production edition models will feature the stainless steel and gold case. Regardless of the model, the main elements of the Aquanaut watches will remain unchanged: alternating polished and saturated finishes on the case, an octagonal bezel that is more rounded than the Nautilus, a bracelet made of a new composite material that is waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet rays and tensile stress, water resistance of the watch up to 120 meters (12 bars), and a very precise manufacture caliber. There are now several variations, such as the Aquanaut Travel Time, with a dual time zone mechanism, the Aquanaut Chronograph or the Aquanaut Travel Time Advanced Research, an exclusive model in the collection with a white gold case and several technical innovations. Our online store offers pre-owned Patek Philippe Aquanaut watches as well as several other emblematic models from the Geneva manufacturer.