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The Zenith El Primero watch was originally designed to celebrate the brand's centenary, but due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, the El Primero chronograph was not introduced until 1969. El Primero means "the first" in Esperanto. Lire la suite
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The creation of a legend by Zenith

In 1962, the beginnings of an iconic watch were born: the Zenith El Primero. The watch was originally designed for the brand's centenary, but due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, the El Primero chronograph would only be introduced in 1969. The beginning of a watchmaking legend: the first self-winding chronograph in history and the most accurate in the world. When in the 1970s the company was ordered to stop producing mechanical movements to concentrate on competition with quartz, the head of the workshop, Charles Vermot, did not see it that way. He decided to hide the plans, tools and stamps in the attic of the factory, and thus saved the genius chronograph. Thanks to his disobedience, the rebirth of the legendary model takes place in 1984.

El Primero: a star of watchmaking

Chronometric performance is Zenith's leitmotif. This ultra-precise watch can measure time to the nearest tenth of a second thanks to its balance wheel that produces an oscillation at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations. In addition, it has a 50-hour power reserve. In total, 9 months of work are required to manufacture each watch in the prestigious El Primero collection. Its exceptional technical performance is not its only asset. Its very special design is also highly appreciated by lovers of good taste. The historic 1969 El Primero chronograph is distinguished by its colored counters: light gray, charcoal gray and dark blue. This color combination remains a trademark and contributes to the image of the Zenith El Primero. The opening on the dial of the El Primero chronomaster reveals its beating heart, to the delight of lovers of fine mechanical watches. Today, this watch exists in 23 versions, each more beautiful than the last, such as the El Primero Stratos Flyback Félix Baumgartner or the El Primero Big Date special.