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Poiray earrings reflect the chic elegance of the Parisian woman, as well as her freedom. They are remarkably discreet rather than extravagant and use the House's codes, emblematic motifs, Art Deco inspirations, and stone colors to create precious jewelry that can be worn at any time. Lire la suite
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Discreet and elegant earrings, iconic designs

When it comes to earrings, as in fact for all of its jewelry pieces, the House of Poiray relies on chic discretion and attention to detail. No need to look here for XXL creoles or endless pendants. Only the Dune line and its twisted gold really dares to have volume. At Poiray, the singularity of the earrings lies elsewhere, and first of all in the elegance of the designs that make the brand unique and recognizable among all. "Precious jewelry must be elegant, creative, wearable on all occasions and available to suit every mood." The line of conduct initiated by Poiray since the founding of the Parisian company in the early 1970s is still the same. To be concrete, this translates in particular into the creation of ear chips and earrings reminding us that the heart has been Poiray's iconic motif for over forty years. Coupled with the House's passion for intertwining, this naturally results in the Interlaced Heart Earrings. The collection offers a choice between a stylized, sleek design in 18-karat white gold, or a more complex piece of jewelry where the gold is adorned with diamonds. The heart, again, is the motif of a line that incorporates another Poiray characteristic, the use of fine stones. L'Attrape-Cœur thus invites the celebration of love in color, with lightly intertwined hearts set with pink opal, deep blue lapis lazuli or turquoise. Finesse is again in question with Braiding. The two intertwined gold strands are inspired by turbans as made by fashion designers in the early 20th century. The earrings in this line combine rose gold and white gold, yellow gold and white gold, diamond-set white gold and smooth white gold, in jewelry of rare elegance.

From Art Deco to fine stones, the Poiray spirit

This desire for purity and discretion in the earring is found again in another collection, Lolita. And yet, a simple earring chip tells all at once, the inspiration that Poiray often seeks in Art Deco and its geographical forms, the House's love for fine stones, the tradition of the godron in jewelry. A yellow gold and moonstone triangle, a yellow gold and citrine square, a yellow gold and smoky quartz circle... The Lolita earrings have a particularity: they are always sold individually, 250€ each at new price, so that each woman can give free rein to her desires and create the combinations that suit her. To find a Poiray creation more original in terms of earrings, it is possible to turn to the Perles Précieuses collection. Each earring then combines a real freshwater cultured pearl with its pearly gleam and smooth surface, with a semi-precious stone that is, in turn, cut into a faceted oval. From contrast comes harmony, the choice being rhodolite garnet or amethyst in a line seen as "an eulogy of everyday fantasy."