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Selling your leather goods

How can I sell my luxury bag ?

You want to sell your handbag or a leather good accessories ? Creus offers you to buy them at the best price.

In order to offer you the most accurate estimations and purchase offer, we need several formal elements, that is why we don't estimate by phone.

To sell your bag, you can:

  • Fill in the opposite form, and get agreement purchase offer; confirmed when we receive and really evaluate the item. We answer your application within 15 days (working day). If you want to sell several articles, we can directly send us an email with photos and descriptions at

  • You can also go in one Cresus shops to drop off your article. Then, it will be directly send to our Lyon's shop, where the leather goods expert assessements are done.

What solutions do I have ?

Firm purchase

When the expert assessment is done, and the purchase offer confirmed, the payment is immediat by check or bank transfer. If you drop off your bag in one Cresus' shops at Paris, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, Lille, Luxembourg, Bordeaux, the payment period is about 10 days, time we need to receive and evaluate your article.

If you sent your bag by parcel in our expertise's shop, we immediately estimate it, and confirm you the purchase within 72h (working day), followinf its receipt.


The insurance of a secure transaction, at the right price and without fees. After your article is being evaluate, we put it on sale. The defined price is paid within 30 days following the sale of your bag. Only the sale date can't be forecasted, but 80% of consignment find a buyer within the 100 first days.


An ingenious method, which allows you to change your bag, or even succomb to a jewel at the mercy of your desires. The defined trade value, you only have to find your happiness in our window.  If your new favourite's price is above the old one, you only pay the difference.

Why sell my bag at Cresus ?

    • To receive a fast and guaranteed payment, by check or bank transfer.

    • To sell with peace of mind: Cresus is a recognized professional and number 1 in buying and selling pre-owned luxury jewelry.

    • To have different choices as to how to sell your jewelry: Cresus offers you immediate sales, consignment sales or even trades for another bag or one of the 300 jewelry items available in stock. You decide which solution best meets your needs.

    • To obtain a free authentication and appraisal and find out the sales value of your item, consistent with market realities.

    • To get a fast answer: immediately at our shops, and an offer in principle within 15 days (working day) using this form.

    • To get the best possible advice and offers for the sale of your handbags or leather goods: both at our stores and online, our staff take the time to assist you during this sale.


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